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Click to enlargeThe Book of All Time Genius by Jack Cohen

About The Book

Representing more than 40 years of research, this book introduces the reader to the complete world of Genius! Jack Cohen invites you to meet more than 400 genius personalities -- many of whom he ranked in their fields of expertise and accomplishment.

The vast disciplines of Astronomy, Biology, Education, Government Service, Language, Law, Literature, Mathematical Science, Medicine and Philosophy are all represented. In addition, Cohen has included sections on the Most Prolific Geniuses, Modern Prodigies, and Idiot Savants, as well as listings of all the great geniuses by century and country of birth. You will be fascinated by special examination of memory recall, mental calculation, invention, child prodigy, and intellectual achievement past the age of 75. Plus . . . a special section on how to identify a gifted child. Jack Cohen spent many years tracking down the staggering accomplishments of both blacks and females throughout the centuries and around the world, as he became increasingly more aware that both groups have been forgotten or deliberately ignored. Cohen wants The Book of All-Time Genius to help rectify these egregious historical omissions.

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